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Sunday, July 7, 2013

HUMOR: Oopsie!

Not mine.  From here.
A story was told of a man who had a debt and for a long time failed to settle it with his debtors. One day seated outside his house, he saw his debtors coming and very quickly he called his young son and told him if anybody asks about his whereabouts, he should answer that he has gone for a journey to see his people in another village. He then quickly decided to hide behind a large cabinet in the living room.

When the debtors arrived, they asked the young boy, “Son! Where is your father?” “He said he was going to another village to see his people.” the boy replied. Then debtors asked the boy “When is he coming back?”.

The young boy confused rushed towards the house and to the cabinet shouting, “Dad! When are you coming back?”