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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Don't forget that the Bible Quiz Team Kickoff is tomorrow at 9:00 AM!  We're looking forward to seeing everyone there.  We've gotten a few questions on the event, so here is your handy-dandy answer list:

What do I need to bring?
Yourself, any friends who may want to join, and a parent (optional, but we need new health/event forms signed)

Should I wear my Quiz Team shirt?
You are welcome to (the coaches will be).  But it's not required.  Feel free to wear your favorite "We love Pastor Rich" shirt instead.  ;-)

What do I need to study?
There will be no quizzing at the kickoff.  But we will be quizzing on Romans 1 on September 15.

How about a foosball tournament?
Um...  We're meeting for only 1/2 hour before church and have a lot to cover.  We probably won't have time.  Maybe afterwards.

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