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Saturday, August 17, 2013

BIBLE NEWS: Please pray for Egyptian Christians

Please take a few moments to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt.  The Egyptian people are in the middle of great upheaval as they decide what kind of government they'll accept after the overthrow of two presidents.  Amidst the chaos, partisans are attacking Christians and churches while the police are too busy to do anything about it.
Some 30 churches have been either partially or completely destroyed, many of them after arson attacks. Schools, libraries, shops, cars and businesses belonging to Christians have also been targeted.At least four Coptic Christians have lost their lives since Wednesday in suspected religious killings. Most of the violence has been in Egypt’s poor and conservative southern provinces, but there have also been scattered attacks on the outskirts of Cairo and in northern Egypt.
Persecution is nothing new for Christians - Christ said no one is greater than their master - but this is a time for prayer that God give special protections.