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Monday, October 15, 2012

WEEK 6: Study Matthew, Chapter 6

This week (October 15 thru October 21), please study Matthew, Chapter 6

If you want to read the chapter online, click here. (Free website Biblegateway.Com)

Download an MP3 of the chapter.

If you'd like to read a commentary on the chapter, click here. (Free website, Biblegateway.Com)

Click here for this week's puzzle.

Study Tip: Where do you do your Bible Quizzing studying? In our age of Multitasking, it is common for people to try to study with the TV or radio on. Others try to do it in the main thoroughfare of the house, where parents are cleaning, siblings are talking on the phone, and pets are running by. This is not optimal for memory or concentration. Try finding a quiet corner of the house, and do your studying without music or video paying. Focus can make an incredible difference in your memory retention.

Upcoming Events:
- Saturday:  October 27 - Quiz Meet in Cresskill, NJ