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Thursday, October 4, 2012


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QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:2, He  was  hungry  when?
ANSWER:  After  fasting  forty  days  and  forty  nights. 21:18

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:4, What  is  written?
ANSWER:  "Man  does  not  live  on  bread  alone, but  on  every  word  that  comes  from  the  mouth  of God."

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:5, The  devil  took  him  where?
ANSWER:  To  the  holy  city. 4:8

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:6, What  is  written?
ANSWER:  "He  will  command  his  angels  concerning  you, and  they  will  lift  you  up  in  their  hands, so  that  you  will  not  strike  your  foot  against  a  stone."

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:7, What  is  written?
ANSWER:  "Do  not  put  the  Lord  your  God  to  the  test."

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:8, The  devil  took  him  where?
ANSWER:  To  a  very  high  mountain. 4:5

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:17, From  that  time  on  Jesus  began  to  what?
ANSWER:  Preach, "Repent, for  the  kingdom  of  heaven  is  near." 16:21

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:18, Jesus  saw  what  two  brothers?
ANSWER:  Simon  called  Peter  and  his  brother  Andrew. 4:21

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:20, Who  followed  him?
ANSWER:  (They) Simon  (called  Peter) and  his  brother  Andrew.

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:21, Jesus  saw  what  two  brothers?
ANSWER:  (Two  other  brothers) James  son  of  Zebedee  and  his  brother  John. 4:18

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:22, Who  followed  Jesus?
ANSWER:  James  of  son  Zebedee  and  his  brother  John.

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:24, He  healed  whom?
ANSWER:  All  who  were  ill  with  various  diseases, those  suffering  severe  pain, the  demon-possessed, those  having  seizures, and  the  paralyzed. 12:15; 15:30; 19:2; 21:14

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew 4:25, Who  followed  him?
ANSWER:  Large  crowds  from  Galilee, the  Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea  and  the  region  across  the  Jordan.