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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

THIS WEEK: Review all Chapters of Acts

This week (April 14 thru April 18), please review all chapters of Acts.

This is it!  Districts is in 4 days where we will quiz on all chapters of Acts.  Please check and make sure you have all the study materials you need.  Every things can be found here:

If you are missing anything that you need, please contact the coaches.

Study Tip: At this late stage, you have two choices to excel:  (1) cram, cram, cram and try to learn as much material as possible in the few days left, or (2) pick something you are good at and focus on that for the next few days.  We generally recommend #2.  Choose one thing and be the expert - FTVs, References, Multiple Part Answers, Short Answers, etc.

Upcoming Events:
- April 17-18 - Districts Quiz Meet in Dallas, PA