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Monday, November 19, 2012

WEEK 11: Review Matthew, Chapters 1-10

This week (November 19 thru November 25), please review Matthew, Chapters 1-10.

There is no practice next week, to allow Quiz Team families to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We use such weeks as review weeks.  Please take a moment and consider your weakest chapters, so you can focus there for this week.

Past Chapter Resources:

Study Tip: Have you noticed over time that you come to associate certain places with certain activities? Sports people find themselves automatically putting on their game face as they walk into a gym. Have you considered doing your studying in the same place every day? After a while, your mind will learn to associate that place with focus and concentration, and getting into the zone will be just a little easier.

Upcoming Events:
- December 7, Quiz Team Christmas Party in Trumbull, CT
- January 19, Midwinter Quiz Meet in Sparta, NJ