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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Midwinter Reminders - THE RULES

The full set of rules governing Bible Quizzing can always be found here (or in the sidebar), but here are a few quick reminders to keep in mind as we approach the Midwinter Bible Quiz.


  • After the question is asked, both teams have 10 seconds to jump on a question.
  • For Multiple Part and Finish the Verse questions, quizzers have 45 seconds to answer.
  • For all other questions, quizzers have 30 seconds to answer.

  • Quizzers can Quiz Out right with 5 correct answers.  If you have no wrong answers, quizzers get a bonus of +10.
  • Quizzers can Quiz Out wrong with 3 wrong answers.
  • If 4 quizzers on one team answer a quiz question correctly, the team gets a +10 team bonus.
  • If 5 quizzers on one team answer a quiz question correctly, the team gets another +10 team bonus.

  • A captain must be assigned before the quiz begins.
  • The captain is the only one who can present a Contest or Counter-Contest.  
  • If the captain quizzes out, another captain must be assigned.
  • If a quizzer believes a quizmaster has ruled in error (either right for the other team or wrong for their own team), they may ask to confer with their captain.  (A captain may choose any member of their team to confer with.)
  • Conferring lasts 30 seconds.
  • The captain may then present the contest.  They have 30 seconds.
  • The captain of the other team may then choose to confer for 30 seconds with any member of their team.
  • The captain may then present a counter-contest.  They have 30 seconds.
  • The quizmaster will then rule.  They may uphold their ruling, overturn it, or declare a do-over with a new question (of the same type as the original).  There is no further appeal.
  • Contests can cover the content of the answer only.  The question asked can not be contested.
If you have any questions, be sure to ask the coaches before we quiz on Saturday.

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