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Monday, December 24, 2012

WEEK 16: Review Matthew, Chapters 11-14

This week (December 24 thru December 30), please review Matthew, Chapters 11-14.

There is no practice next week, to allow Quiz Team families to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.  We use such weeks as review weeks.  Please take a moment and consider your weakest chapters, so you can focus there for this week.

Past Chapter Resources:
Study Tip: There's going to be a huge temptation to take the next week "off" from Bible Quizzing.  After all, it's Christmas and then New Years and you're going to be busy anyway.  But the brain is like a muscle.  If you use it, it gets stronger.  If you let it rest, it gets weaker.  Don't let your knowledge of the Gospel of Matthew weaken over the next two weeks!  Keep working and stay strong!  Midwinter is coming!

Upcoming Events:
- Sunday, December 29 - NO PRACTICE
- Saturday, January 19 - Midwinter Quiz Meet in Sparta, NJ