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Thursday, December 13, 2012


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QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew12:3, Haven't  you  read  what?

ANSWER:  What  David  did  when  he  and  his  companions  were  hungry? 12:5, 19:4

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew12:5, Haven't  you  read  what?
ANSWER:  (In  the  Law) That  on  the  Sabbath  the  priests  in  the  temple  desecrate  the  day  and  yet  are  innocent? 12:3, 19:4

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew12:8, The  Son  of  Man  is  what?
ANSWER:  Lord  of  the  Sabbath. 26:45

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew12:17-18, What  was  spoken  through  the  prophet  Isaiah?
ANSWER:  "Here  is  my  servant  whom  I  have  chosen, the  one  I  love, in  whom  I  delight; I  will  put  my  Spirit  on  him, and  he  will  proclaim  justice  to  the  nations." 3:3; 8:17

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew12:22, Jesus  healed  whom?
ANSWER:  (Him) A  demon-possessed  man  who  was  blind  and  mute. 4:24; 12:15; 15:30; 19:2; 21:14

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew12:41, One  greater  than  whom  is  here?
ANSWER:  Jonah. 12:6, 42

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew12:42, One  greater  than  whom  is  here?
ANSWER:  Solomon. 12:6, 41