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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

REPRINT: How does a Quiz Work?

This post is re-printed here so that you can share it with any friends or family members who are curious about what Bible Quizzing is, in advance of the kickoff.

How does a Quiz Work?

The Basics

A Bible Quiz always works the same way:

  • There are 20 questions in a quiz
  • Quizzers "jump" to answer a question
  • You have 30 seconds to answer a question (with certain exceptions)
  • A correct answer is worth 20 points
  • A wrong answer is deducts 10 points, plus the other team gets a bonus question to answer worth 10 points
  • There are ways to earn extra points by
    • Getting 5 questions right and none wrong (+10)
    • Having 4 quizzers on your team get at least one question right (+10)
    • Having 5 quizzers on your team get at least one question right (+10)
  • At the end, the team with the higher score wins.  (If there is a tie, we go into a 5 question overtime session.)

Every quizzer sits on a chair during the quiz with a pad on the seat.  The pad contains two switches which are depressed when the quizzer puts pressure on it.  When a quizzer relieves the pressure - by standing up, moving their leg, etc. - they have "jumped" and an electrical current goes thru the pad to a box seen by the quizmaster.  The first quizzer to jump - and only the first - shows up as a light on the quizmaster's board.  Once that light is seen, the quizmaster will call on the appropriate quizzer

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Kinds of Questions

  • Regular Question:

Q:  In my first book, WHO?
A:  O Theophilus   [Acts 1:1]

  • Multi-Part Question: 

Q:  2 Part:  I dealt with all that Jesus WHAT?
A:  Began to do and teach    [Acts 1:1]

  • Reference Question:

Q:  According to Acts 1:20, For it is written, WHAT?
A:  in the Book of Psalms, “‘May his camp become desolate,
    and let there be no one to dwell in it’; and “‘Let another take his office.’

  • Situation Question:

Q:  WHO SAID IT? "Look at us,"
A:  Peter directed his gaze at him, as did John   [Acts 3:4]

  • Finish-the-Verse Question:

Q:  He said to them… 
A:  … “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority..  [Acts 1:7]