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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Paul had a large vocabulary, so sometimes he uses words with which you may be unfamiliar.  This weekly series attempts to help by highlighting potentially unfamiliar terminology.  If there are additional words you need help with, please e-mail the coaches.

Romans 11 Vocabulary:

Foreknew:  Had prior awareness of; Prophetic understanding

Demolished:  Destroyed

Altars:  Structure upon which offerings are placed for sacrifice

Baal:  False god worshipped by the Babylonian people

Stupor:  Near-unconsciousness

Snare:  A rope-based trap for animals

Grafted In:  Gardening technique whereby a branch of one kind of plant is attached to the trunk of another plant

Banish:  To exile or cast out

Inscrutable:  Impossible to discover or figure out