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Thursday, March 21, 2013


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QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew  26:18, What  is  near?

ANSWER:  My  appointed  time. 3:2; 4:17; 10:7; 24:32,33; 26:45

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew  26:21, Who  will  betray  me?
ANSWER:  One  of  you. 26:23

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew  26:23, Who  will  betray  me?
ANSWER:  The  one  who  has  dipped  his  hand  into  the  bowl  with  me. 26:21

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew  26:24, The  Son  of  Man  will  what?
ANSWER:  Go  just  as  it  is  written  about  him. 13:41; 24:30,44

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew  26:24, What  would  be  better  for  him?
ANSWER:  If  he  had  not  been  born. 18:6

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew  26:31, This  very  night  you  will  what?
ANSWER:  All  fall  away  on  account  of  me. 26:34

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew  26:31, What  is  written?
ANSWER:  "I  will  strike  the  shepherd, and  the  sheep  of  the  flock  will  be  scattered."

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew  26:34, This  very  night  you  will  what?
ANSWER:  (Before  the  rooster  crows) disown  me  three  times. 26:31

QUESTION:  According  to  Matthew  26:45, The  Son  of  Man  is  what?
ANSWER:  Betrayed  into  the  hands  of  sinners. 12:8