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Monday, August 13, 2012

GETTING READY: Reference Question List

Reference Questions are among the most confusing for Bible Quizzers.  While most questions that are asked can be easily differentiated from all others, Reference Questions are specifically chosen from those which could come from many different places in the text.  For example,
Question: According  to  Matthew 2:15, What  was  fulfilled? 
Question: According  to  Matthew 2:18, What  was  fulfilled? 
Question: According to Matthew 2:23, What was fulfilled?
In order to make it possible to figure out the context of the question, however, an exact reference is given. Likewise, the list of possible reference questions is given out at the beginning of each year, so the possibilities are limited.  This can actually make them easier to study, because you know the exact question and exact answer up front.

Be aware, however, if you answer a reference question that there is one more wrinkle in the rules.  If you "jump" on a question before the full question is asked, you must give the full question and answer to the quizmaster.  (Don't worry, it's not as hard as it sounds.)  For example,

Assuming the quiz master says, "Question:  According  to  Matthew  2:18, What..."  *JUMP*
You would say, "What was fulfilled?  'A  voice  is  heard  in  Ramah, weeping  and  great  mourning, Rachel  weeping  for  her  children  and  refusing  to  be  comforted, because  they  are  no  more.'"
Check out the full list.  This may very well be a good option for your study focus.