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Monday, June 11, 2012

What kind of time commitment does Bible Quizzing require?

We live in a busy world, and between school, church, sports, and extracurricular activities, teens are often the most busy people around. So, that raises the question of what kind of time commitment does the Bible Quiz Team demand? While the exact times may vary by person, our general guidelines are:

  • At least 2 read-thrus of the assigned chapter per day.  (About 1/2 hour)
  • Our 1 hour practice each Sunday between services (About 1 hour)
  • Approximately monthly quiz meets (We usually leave the church by 7 AM and return about 3 PM)
  • Twice a year, we'll have major quiz meets where we'll be staying overnight at host churches.  We leave on Friday night and return Saturday evening or Sunday noonish.  (Be watching for more details here as the season gets closer)
Studying, of course, is a highly personal affair.  Some teens can get by with the minimum read-thrus.  Others choose to incorporate it into their school study schedule, or set up get-togethers during the week to study and quiz with friends.  You get out of Bible Quiz Team, as with most things in life, what you put into it!
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